Why Use a Bespoke Framer

A bespoke framer is able to offer you so much more than a simple frame from a hardware store (as useful as they can be). With every consultation we offer you our knowledge, of not only how to frame something, but what could best suit the work you want framing, with even the most specific of requirements being able to be met.

The majority of bespoke framers are Fine Art Trade Qualified -

The Fine Art Trade Guild was formed in 1910 as the successor to the 1847  Printsellers’ Association, set up to oversee the fine art print trade. The Guild continues to set standards for prints. In addition, it sets standards and guidelines for picture framing.

We are Fine Art Trade qualified, using conservation quality materials, means that the mounts, glass and frames are acid free and long lasting (20 - 30 years).

All frames are designed to enhance the work and also protect the content in the frame

We offer a framing service that is tailored to suit specific needs, with everything done in house.